Will Titterington

Hey everyone! I’m Will, an expert at losing on bingo. LOL Okay, I’m kidding – I’ve had a few wins, a few losses. But ultimately, I’m just a huge bingo fan that loves to play for the fun of the game.

I was born and raised in Bolton, a working class town where all the mum’s loved bingo when I was a kid. So it wasn’t long before I got the bingo bug once my sister got a bingo board game for Christmas. We played it together and I made her cry by calling ‘Full House’ before she did. Damn. She still mentions it to this day.“You should have let me win because I’d been looking forward to that game all year.”


I think I must have been around 15 years old when my grandma and mum took me to my first ever bingo hall, and it was a lot of fun. 

As I got older and could legally gamble, I took up bingo all by myself and started to play it online, as well as offline. And what can I tell you? Bingo has brought me a lot of joy over the years. I’ve met lots of great new people through it, had some amazing Friday nights down at the local bingo hall (before hitting the clubs with my winnings and squandering the rest on overpriced kebabs LOL) and generally had a great laugh. But for me, that’s what bingo is all about: Friends, good times and having a laugh. My favourite online bingo sites include Sun Bingo for the massive jackpots, Wink Bingo for the fun vibes and Robin Hood Bingo for the slots.

Away from bingo, I do enjoy a flutter on sports betting, but my main area of focus is writing. I’m a writer who’s always been a writer, if you know what I mean. I started writing when I was just 7 years old in primary school when we each had to write a story before reading it out loud to the class. When I read mine, everyone laughed and I thought “hey, this is pretty cool. Maybe I should write more stories.” I then went to uni, where I studied filmmaking, mainly because I love movies, but also because I had dreams of one day writing a movie. That dream is still there but for now I’m focused on working as a content writer for bingo sites like this. It’s my aim to make your time playing online bingo as fun as possible by creating content that’s lighthearted but also informative (and hopefully a bit funny, too!). To that end, make sure you check out my articles on all things bingo. I’ll be writing bingo site reviews to help you decide which bingo site to choose; tips and guides, and I’ll also try to keep you entertained by writing about bingo jokes and popular bingo slang. Hope to see you around at a game of bingo soon! And if we do happen to play the same game, know this: It’s ON.