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With Lean Back Player, you’re literally in bingo heaven. Roll the dice, pull the lever and see what comes up from our Bingo Search.

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Local bingo is great for a good laugh and natter with your best mate on a Friday night. Find the best local bingo sites near you.

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The best bingo sites have the best bonuses, the best games and the biggest jackpots. These are the ones that are not to be missed!


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Some bingo sites are evil and must be defeated. Read all about the Dark Side of Bingo right here and learn what sites to avoid.




Read all about it! Our bingo blog is now up and running for your reading pleasure. Whenever the bingo gets too much, put your feet up, grab a brew and kick back with all the latest and greatest bingo news.

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Like you, we love our bingo. And like you, we play a LOT of bingo. For us, Friday night is Bingo Night. It’s the only way to kickstart the weekend!

We’ve road tested hundreds of UK bingo sites to help you decide which ones are right for you. We’ve been there, bought the t-shirt – and Lean Back Player is the result.

Thanks to our research and ability to play bingo after 12 cups of tea in one day, we’ve finally figured out what makes a great bingo site. We’ve looked closely at the bonuses offered by each site, the wagering requirements, the promotions, the games, the jackpots, the site design … everything has been considered so that we’re able to deliver you a top notch review site.

In short, we went Epic. In fact, we’re bilingual these days – we speak fluent English and fluent bingo.

Don’t get us wrong – we’re not experts when it comes to winning at bingo. Instead, we see bingo as a fab way to have some fun online, either with your mates or by yourself. We like to think we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to online bingo, and we hope to help you out so that you choose the site that’s right for you. 

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We at Lean Back Player love bingo. It’s fun, social, makes for a great hobby and there’s SO much variety.

Plus, there’s every chance that you can big now and then as well. There’s literally nothing like scooping a £2,000 jackpot on a Friday night before hitting the town with the girls the next day.  

But it’s with a bittersweet feeling that Lean Back Player was created in the first place.

Let us tell you a quick story …

Back in the swinging sixties, there were 14 million registered bingo players in the UK. By the 1980s, the amount of bingo halls in Britain had swelled to over 1,600.

Then, Noel Edmunds launched the National Lottery in 1994 and the beloved bingo hall has been on a sad decline ever since (not hating on Noel, we love you Noel!). The smoking ban hastened this decline, and there are now reckoned to be around 600 licensed bingo halls left in the UK.

Of course, Britain’s love of bingo hasn’t waned during that time. In fact, our love affair with bingo balls is stronger than ever.  

It’s just that bingo has now by and large moved online.

Bingo is still one of the UK’s most loved games. It’s practically a British institution. There’s a real community feel about it that you just don’t get from most other games. There’s nothing quite like having a flutter on 90 ball bingo and then having a natter with your best pal – before having another go at trying to win a Full House.

Bingo isn’t just popular in the UK, of course. More than 100 million people play it each year, although a large percentage of those folk come from Blighty.

And now that bingo has moved online after the internet changed the game, Lean Back Player is happy to report that it’s still possible to a have a huge amount of fun playing the game – and that we’re here to help make your online bingo life as fun as possible.

With so many sites to choose from, it’s very easy to choose the wrong bingo site. While your mate brags about the £60 bingo bonus they got, you’re left sulking over your free fiver! (which you’ve already spent – and lost).

Lean Back Player is committed to ensuring that everyone has a good time at bingo. We update our site each week with new, in-depth reviews, we’re always keeping an eye on new bingo sites, and we also make sure that we raise awareness of scam bingo sites as soon as they pop up.  

We’re always on the lookout for fresh promotions and world class welcome bonuses, too. And when brand new games are added, we sniff them out, give them a whirl – and let you know what we thought.

Sound good?

Whatever you fancy – a new bingo site, an excellent welcome bonus or some bingo community vibes – we’re on a mission to cover the lot. All you need to do is put the kettle on, get the cake out and take your pick.